Partner with a security provider you trust

We will protect your assets, produce incident reports, and guard the safety of your personnel.

Partner with a security provider you trust

We will protect your assets, produce incident reports, and guard the safety of your personnel.

About Us


Dunbar Security Services was formed in 2004 to specialise in providing security guards. Realising that business’ not only needed guards to protect their business but also depended on guards to project a positive image of their company, protecting not only their assets and staff but their reputation as well, thus our motto - Professional, Courteous Guards.

While starting our business, we supplied guards to some of the big names in Australian security and went on to provide guards to some big names in Queensland and Australian Industry while expanding from our manpower beginnings and moving into providing mobile patrols, emergency response and electronic security to provide a total security solution.

Services We Provide



We supply security guards for offices and building to manage all your security needs. Here are some of the functions our security can provide while working at your building:

  • CCTV monitoring cameras
  • Prevent theft
  • Access Cards
  • Signing in & out guest or contractors
  • Site inductions for guest & contractors
  • First Aid Response
  • Building Evacuation (Fire, Bomb Threat)
  • Maintenance Reports and Request
  • Work Place Health & Safety
  • Accepting Deilveries & Mail
  • Patrols & Equiptment Check
  • Preventing Access Unauthorised Guest
  • Evicting Abusive/ Threatening People
  • Staff Escorts to & from vehicles
  • Lone Worker Checks



 Our Mobile Patrols are designed to provide you with a highly visibility deterrent to criminal activity not only to your property or facility, but to provide a piece of mind that we are there when you need us.

All patrol vehicles are equipped with state of the art technology in mobile communications, navigation and GPS tracking to ensure we are ready for any situation. Our highly trained Security Officers perform regular checks of your sites to ensure your business is fully secure and protected.


Our mobile patrol fleets are responsive, reliable and are suitable for:

  • Staff escorts and after hours welfare checks
  • Assistance in emergency situations
  • Carrying out plant and equipment checks
  • Physical presence and visible deterrence
  • Checking for signs of criminal activity
  • Checking for trespassers
  • Identifying unauthorised vehicles
  • Opening and closing of premises

Dunbar Security is committed to providing you with the best possible security arrangement to give you peace of mind. Why not get in touch with us today



 This is the highly effective combination of a professional and qualified security officer and a trained security K9.

Guards are paired with an intensively trained German Shepard or Mallionis, two of the most intelligent and toughest dogs available. The dogs are trained to not bite unless it’s necessary.

The appearance of a K9 unit is often enough to deter potential intruders before they make an entrance into the property. Dogs have a sense of smell and hearing that is fifty times more effective than humans. We utilise the K9’s superior sense of tracking and smell to search for intruders and alert their human counterpart.

A K9 Security Guard unit is a wise decision for many different types of businesses. Some commercial applications include shopping centres, real estate display homes and new builds, construction sites and warehouses. Basically, anywhere vulnerable location after hours, that could be a potential target for an intruder, can be secured with a K9 and security guard combination.

Most importantly, the guard has full control of the dog and can command it to bark or stay silent. Primarily the aim is to reach and detain the intruder with the least force and aggression possible.



Our corporate security guards are carefully selected for the role and have excellent presentation and customer service skills. We take our job seriously as the public face of your organisation as often we are the first and last contact your client has when visiting your building.

Services we have provided for leading Australian companies:

  • Reception duties, checking in visitors and sighting staff ID cards
  • Building and car park patrols
  • Building lockups and staff escorts to their cars
  • Workplace violence prevention and response
  • Contractor sign in and induction to site
  • Control room duties and CCTV monitoring
  • First aid and fire alarm response to complement your onsite warden/ ECO team
  • After hours building patrols and rapid alarm responses
  • Identifying workplace hazards and reporting these to the Facility Management team or Workplace Health & Safety contact
  • Dedicated patrol cars to check over multiple properties after hours




Given the unpredictable levels of traffic (both pedestrian and cars), and the continuous state of flux, shopping centres are considered to be unique and complex environments that require specialist security services. Providing a high level of security at shopping centres not only ensures the safety of customers, but also of the vendors and employees. Therefore, it is vital that security services are capable of responding to a wide range of requirements – from providing asset protection and deterring violence and disruption, to managing crisis situations.

With over 10 years of industry experience, Dunbar Security Services guarantee the highest level of service. As part of our service offerings, we offer static guarding and patrols. We have a strong commitment to ongoing team training to ensure you are being looked after by qualified and experienced Dunbar Security Services personnel at all times.

We work hand-in-hand with centre management and retailers to accommodate centre-specific policies, OHS requirements and protocols. With every contract, we appoint a team manager to work closely with our client to develop a unique security solution.

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